For those of you that will be staying in Romania for a longer term – longer than that allowed on your temporary visa stay, you will need to become legal when driving on Romanian roads. This will mean that you’ll need to switch your native drivers’ license over to a valid Romanian driver’s license. If you’ve got a vehicle that your bringing in to the Country, we can help you with that, having already navigated the ins and outs of properly registering many vehicles for expats here. Of course, this process is something that you can do on your own – and we’d be glad to assist you with the needed information. However, please keep in mind that our experience allows us to be aware of the hurdles ahead of time, bypassing many hours/days of potential issues that may arise. This of course, translates to a savings of resources.

• Car Import
• Car Registration
• License Exchange
• Vehicle Inspection
• Winter Tyres
• Vehicle Purchase
• Vehicle Hire Info

If you’re not importing a car and are seeking to buy a car here, we can point you in the proper direction to make sure that as a foreigner, you’re not taken advantage of. We can ensure that the vehicle you are buying is not only able to be registered legally, but also help you proceed through this process completing only the necessary documents and procedures.