Over A Decade Of Experience Living And Working As Expats In Romania Helps Make Moorcroft Services The Clear Choice When It Comes To Solving Your On-The-Ground Needs Here In Bucharest.

“I decided to import my car from the Netherlands to Romania. I looked on internet forums how that works and what to do. I was reluctant to do it because of all formalities and bureaucracy I would encounter. An acquaintance gave me the e-mail address of Moorcroft services. And a few weeks later all was settled and arranged. I could focus on my work and Dean and his team took care that the whole process went smoothly and hardly using my time.” – Toine Kets, London

“After returning to Romania after a few years of traveling the World, I felt it was time to go ahead and get my residency. As I am married to a Romanian citizen, there was a different process I needed to go through to get that done. Dean was able to give me the information that I needed in order to get a very long-term residency permit. Now my wife and I are able to set down roots and settle here in Romania without the need to come and go for visa purposes.” – Trevor, New York

“I came to Romania years back to begin a business here. Originally, I intended to fly back and forth between the States per my visa/travel restrictions, but that soon proved to be rather cumbersome. Dean was able to help me set up a company to do business here, as well as pursue and ultimately receive my residency permit here. Now I can stay in Bucharest, grow my business, and not incur the added expense of unnecessary travel back and forth to the US.” – John, Austin TX

Hello, I’m Dean Edgar. I help people just like you navigate the inner workings of Bucharest, Romania. If you’re looking for assistance in registering your vehicle, getting your driver’s license, residency permits, company start-up and set-up, and more, then my company can help you.”